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Remember that joke you thought was a surefire icebreaker for your presentations ?

Suddenly , no one laughed . How was it possible ? It’s simple : the era of customization, nothing is foolproof. The messages must attract, motivate and persuade . And there is no uniform way to do it .

Likewise no one motivates anyone (maximum creates conditions for people to automotivem ) , attracts anyone or convince anyone. People are attracted and allowed convincing as they establish bonds of sympathy , interest and credibility.

And what creates links ? It depends . The people, the culture of the organization and the target audience of the moment. It is up to the speaker ( or facilitator of the seminar ) to be well equipped . See what you can do See :

Information – Know the company is not enough. It is important to know the moment the company is going through, the ratio of the lecture or seminar and how it is perceived by the people present . The learning opportunity is a prize or one among many ? It is seen as time well spent ? What happened just before ? Imagine , for example , a lecture that is part of a convention . If the convention is a time of celebration , receptivity will be completely different from a lecture given shortly after a scolding from CEO .

Profiles – Search for profiling the target audience. Do not just profession, position and educational level . There are many models that elucidate psychological profiles . The Center for Creative Leadership , for example , believes in four basic profiles, which are :

Realistic – People enjoying the data and information is ” down to earth ” and rational . This type of audience is not swayed by his humor or sympathy . V. If you do a lot of lecturing , he may think you’re wasting time . Give concrete examples of results obtained with the content that is bringing V. . Do it quickly understand what are the gains to be there . Caprice on information , statistics , cases .

Structural – Values ​​the order, control and accuracy . Must first comply with the lecturer . At present , dedicate some time to your resume . As structural likes order and sequence , an explanation of the objectives and steps of the lecture or seminar is welcome. Try to place your content on steps also abuse the step- by-step .

Affective – Concerned with feelings , emotions , excitement , pleasure, and especially people. Be friendly and interactive. Tell jokes , proposing games , small group discussions and dynamics. Merge oral exposure with some activity

Visionary – has a transformative mind. He is always looking to the future and appreciates the initiative , innovation and fantasy. Write intriguing questions . Abuse of images – both drawings as metaphors , legends and parables . Provoke thinking and fantasy. Do not be dogmatic nor conclusive. Humor , only if it is refined.

Most people are strong in two of these variables and not so much the other two. V. can deduct their profiles due to their professions and / or culture of the organization .

Evidently , V. can not stick to just a methodology , not to tire the audience . It is also obvious that the human being is more complex than a typology , so V can and should dare a little, but remember:

Go slowly – If , for example , V. want to use humor, start with something engraçadinha , not with a long joke. If the audience is laughing because he is in the mood to laugh, and if you do not laugh , you will not be embarrassed .

Be aware of the signs – The public gives signals all the time . Pay attention to them . Do not stick only to those who are clearly enjoying it. Look conquer others.

A group is not a bunch of people – It has its own dynamic . People can have different behaviors and testimonials than they would individually when they are in groups.

The medium is the message – Remember the old motto ? In addition to considering the profile of your audience , the form must be consistent with the content . The message is the most important, but not separated from their style or their methodology.